We will bind your thesis’s, dissertations and licentiate, diploma and engineer work. Utilizing traditional methods we are also able to restore old and worn books. Just bring us your book and we will give an appraisal. Our book binding services are well rounded as we can also bind annual magazine subscriptions and print onto leather bound book covers as well.

Copying and printing

Kluuti offers printing and copy services with or without binding. Short run jobs will be ready during the same day or even while you wait. We copy onto paper sizes A4 and A3 with 2400 x 2400 dpi Xerox copiers. Our paper is archiving quality 80 g/m2 white paper. We also have self-service copiers for our customers and you are able to print PDF files in color and grayscale. In order to convert files to PDF format install the free PrimoPDF application.


Binding a book with us easy.

1) Provide us with all the necessary material.

You can provide us with your material on a disc, usb memory stick or by e-mail in PDF format and just leave the printing to us. You can also bring us pre-printed work to be bound but please keep in mind that ink jet prints are not archive quality. Be sure to check the page order before submitting your work to be bound or copied. Manuscripts can also be mailed to us but please make sure that they are delivered to our premises. The post office will provide you with the appropriate form upon request. Don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number with the details of your order i.e. binding material, color, number of pieces and cover printing details. You may also request a certain time for the work to be ready.

2) Choose the cover material.

The covering materials can be chosen from imitation leather (plastic), fabric or real leather. The plastic covers are easy to keep clean but fabric and leather give a more distinguished impression. Fabric covers can also be provided with leather spines and corners. Stylish leather bound covers make for excellent guest- and commemorative books. We also bind paperbacks with a choice of front and back card covers or a see through plastic front cover

3) Choose the cover color

We have a multitude of plastic cover colors to choose from. Please take a closer look on our web site. There are also several choices in fabric colors e.g. black, red, yellow, brown, green or blue. Pay us a visit for a closer look. We also provide specific colors and texts for various schools and fields the details of which are also on our website. The card colors for paperback books can be freely chosen or even provided by you.

4) Cover text

For dissertations etc. the name of the author and year are usually printed onto the spine and the heading may also be printed depending on the number of characters. The type and size of the font to be used depends on the width of the spine. Printing onto the spine of a book under 5mm thick (about 30 pages) requires special techniques.

5) Choose the method of delivery

Completed work can be picked up at our premises or we can post it to your closest post office with payment on receipt. Completed work can be collected at our premises and paid for, upon receipt, in cash or with a bank or credit card.


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